3 Ways to Actually Make Your Virtual Event Engaging

We’ve all attended a boring virtual event of some sorts over the past few months. Maybe you learned something, but did you really have an enjoyable experience? Will you really want to attend the event next year? Probably not. Or at least you won’t be very excited about it.

The main reason most people attend events is to ENGAGE. Just because you are turning your event virtual doesn’t mean you should ignore that part. You have to give the people what they want and expect: an engaging event.

Here are 3 ways to actually make your virtual event engaging:

  1. Make Time for Networking

This is honestly one of the main reasons people attend conferences and events in general. That doesn’t change just because the event goes virtual. People still want to make those connections and have conversations. Whether it involves breakout rooms, chat rooms, or a gamified networking platform like Yotribe (https://www.yotribe.com/), scheduling in time for people to make connections and have meaningful conversations is so important. Quick tip: Make sure you encourage attendees to exchange contact info with whoever they are networking with first thing in case time runs out. You could even create a google form that attendees fill out their contact info into and then give attendees access to the document at the end of the event.

  1. Include Entertainment

Entertainment is and always will be a MUST for events, whether in-person or virtual. It’s a great way to bring your virtual event to life with a fun, interactive experience. Virtual entertainment is being created to be more engaging than ever before. It’s the perfect way to give your attendees a break (and trust me they need it…zoom fatigue is real) while still keeping them attentive and engaged. Not to mention it’s a great way to set your event apart from others and brand your event, which in turn will increase your engagement and attendance for your next event! Some of the most popular and interactive virtual entertainment options include: illusionists, comedians, wellness sessions, musical performances, custom trivia, and more. Learn more at www.bookwitheva.com

  1. Produce Quality Content

To keep attendees engaged, you have to give them valuable content that will keep them attentive. Start by recognizing the goals for your event. This helps outline what content is relevant for your event and attendees. You can even take polls and ask potential attendees and stakeholders what they would be most interested in hearing at the event. You can use this data to create your event’s program/schedule. Definitely encourage the speakers at your event to use videos and images to keep attendees engaged. You can even think about laying out your event in a way where each session’s content will be most effective. Maybe this means having the most important sessions in the morning and the more laid back sessions in the afternoon. Really take the time to think through the creation of your event’s content. As a result of your thoughtful ideation process, you will have more satisfied attendees who are engaged throughout the entire event.

Creating a successful and engaging event goes hand in hand. Just because your event is going virtual doesn’t mean you should do the bare minimum. Going virtual gives you the opportunity to be creative and find customized and personal ways to keep your attendees engaged. Here’s to producing a virtual event that people actually want to attend!

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