4 Reasons Why Virtual Events May Never Go Out of Style

Raise your hand if you’ve attended a virtual event of some kind over the past few months (yes, that can include virtual happy hours).

*almost everyone raises their hand*

A large percentage of people have attended some type of virtual event, whether it be a conference, networking event, webinar, or just a low-key team happy hour. At times you may feel like you have no other option, but it’s important to note for the future the advantages of having a virtual event. Yes, there were even pros to it pre-coronavirus.

  1. Cost Effective

This refers to both the planner’s side and the client’s side. Having a virtual event reduces costs for the planner tremendously. Imagine not having to budget in a venue or catering. All that virtual events really have to budget for are the platform, speakers, and promotion. Events just became a lot more do-able.

2. More Scalable

Event hosts are able to expand their reach by having a virtual event. They are not limited to a venue’s specific capacity and do not lose attendees based on travel. It allows larger events to happen for less money. That is music to our ears.

3. Environmentally Friendly

In-person events don’t just cost a lot of money, they cost a lot for the environment. There are a huge amount of trips made solely for the purpose to attend an event. Virtual events reduce the amount of people that are traveling hundreds of miles by allowing them to access it directly from their home. It truly leaves no impact on the environment and allows you to promote your event as “eco-friendly” which is bound to drive even more attendees to your event.

4. Easier to Measure Results and Collect Feedback

Since everything is online, data is easily trackable. Data collection has never been so easy thanks to virtual events. Of course, what platform you are using determines what data is able to be produced. As for feedback, it is crucial for virtual events. Some platforms make it easy to take real time surveys and polls. Since everyone will be online anyways, it makes it that much more convenient to collect attendees feedback. This feedback can be used for future events and/or your company in general.

When all is said and done, virtual events provide more benefits than just being a back-up plan in case of a pandemic. They are a great, cost-efficient way to reach more people, collect more data, and play a part in creating a better environment. While some may be quick to jump back into in-person events, keep in mind that the future of the event industry may be headed in a more virtual and hybrid route.

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