Entertainment Ideas to Take Your Corporate Event to the Next Level

Corporate events can be organized for different purposes and with different goals in mind, but choosing the right kind of entertainment for any type of corporate event is always part of the package.

Getting together with co-workers can be a lot of fun, but you can’t just throw a bunch…

Corporate parties can be simple, casual occasions with drinks, finger foods, and mingling with coworkers. The problem is that regular parties don’t necessarily encourage inclusion and bonding among all employees, because people tend to split up in smaller groups and hang out with colleagues that they’re already close with.


Meet EVA- A team of passionate professionals in the events and entertainment industry who built a technology-driven platform (called EVA) that streamlines booking entertainment + interactive experiences for events of all kinds.

When it comes to requests for entertainment at an event, we have truly seen it all. Through booking…

How to Avoid Virtual and Hybrid Event Fails

When virtual and hybrid events became a booming industry practically overnight, there was a lot that event planners didn’t know when organizing their events. It took trial and error (and event fails) until lessons learned became best practices.

We’ve definitely seen our fair share of virtual events fails over the…

Zoom fatigue is real, but virtual events are proven to drive sales. How do you make your virtual events less work for you and more engaging for your audience?

Let’s start by looking at the types of virtual events and how entertaining your audience can increase word-of-mouth marketing and ultimately…


Meet EVA. The streamlined solution for booking entertainment and experiences for virtual + live events.

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