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Corporate parties can be simple, casual occasions with drinks, finger foods, and mingling with coworkers. The problem is that regular parties don’t necessarily encourage inclusion and bonding among all employees, because people tend to split up in smaller groups and hang out with colleagues that they’re already close with.

So, it’s much more effective to get creative and organize activities that will get your whole organization engaged. Engaging office parties can help create stronger ties among colleagues, improve job satisfaction, and even increase employee retention.

You want your corporate parties to have a unique touch, be memorable and inclusive, in…

Meet EVA- A team of passionate professionals in the events and entertainment industry who built a technology-driven platform (called EVA) that streamlines booking entertainment + interactive experiences for events of all kinds.

When it comes to requests for entertainment at an event, we have truly seen it all. Through booking for corporate events, festivals, weddings, brand activations, you name it, we sometimes are finding, curating, sourcing talent that we may not have even know existed before that inquiry. One act that is most likely safe to say almost everyone has seen at an event though, is a DJ. …

Christmas in July?? Yes, it’s a thing…at least we are making it one.

As event planners are already coming to us for holiday events, we thought now would be the perfect time to spotlight our top holiday entertainment ideas. With groups finally beginning to meet back in-person again, holiday events will be even bigger and better this year.

You may be wondering…when is the right time to start planning a holiday event? There’s no perfect answer for this since there are so many factors within one event (number of attendees, budget, event needs, etc). But from our perspective, it’s never…

How to Avoid Virtual and Hybrid Event Fails

When virtual and hybrid events became a booming industry practically overnight, there was a lot that event planners didn’t know when organizing their events. It took trial and error (and event fails) until lessons learned became best practices.

We’ve definitely seen our fair share of virtual events fails over the past year. Some of the mishaps would have made you cringe and some would have made you laugh out loud. With these 5 lessons learned, you are bound to be headed in the right direction for a successful virtual event.

#1 — Choosing a platform before deciding your event goals.

Always decide your event goals and design the layout of…

Zoom fatigue is real, but virtual events are proven to drive sales. How do you make your virtual events less work for you and more engaging for your audience?

Let’s start by looking at the types of virtual events and how entertaining your audience can increase word-of-mouth marketing and ultimately your revenue.


Welcome to our new series “EVA’s Entrepreneurs”!

EVA would like to share with you the amazing entrepreneurs on our platform. As a female founded company, we want to focus on highlighting the iconic females behind some of our favorite companies.

Each of these companies are close to our hearts and they inspire us everyday! It is so important to recognize hard work when it’s due, so we offer a huge round of applause to everyone we feature here.

We encourage you to read as much as you can about these ladies, get inspired, and get to work!

xx Team EVA

Wow…2020 was tough.

Our company was built on live events so when COVID-19 hit…we had to change everything. Live entertainers also had to regroup and figure out how they were going to create an interactive experience through their cameras.

For the past year, we’ve worked with countless event planners to put on great events with amazing virtual entertainment. It is so important to create an event that everyone can enjoy.

Check out a couple of our favorite events to help inspire your next in-person, hybrid or virtual event.

1. Spark Travel Pack: Nashville

We loved working with Spark By Design

With virtual and hybrid events comes the opportunity to really give your attendees a unique and one of a kind experience. We’re all familiar with Zoom fatigue and how exhausting it can be to be on a video call for hours on end.

Audience engagement at your virtual or hybrid event is in the metaphorical hands of your content and entertainment. According to Bizzabo, 63% of event planners believe that tools and experiences to engage virtual attendees will play a key role in their 2021 event strategies. That’s why major companies are looking for unique entertainment to keep attendees engaged.

So you’re planning an event.

Whether you are a professional event planner or were given this role by your company and need some guidance, there are many things to consider when it comes to virtual, hybrid and in-person events.


The landscape is changing daily and attendees expectations are getting higher. Audiences have a plethora of options when it comes to virtual events they can choose to attend, so it’s important to have unique offerings.

Live entertainment is a huge draw for in-person events, and it is the same with virtual. …

Crafting a proposal for any event can be daunting. Whether you are planning a 90 minute experience for your client’s team or a programmed virtual, hybrid or in-person conference, no matter what, there’s a lot of information and education required in order to win that business.

Companies have become more comfortable with virtual events in 2021 through a lot of trials and lessons learned, and the return of in-person events has event planners and their clients feeling some type of way.


How can you stand out in the crowd and win that event business by presenting captivating ideas to your…


Meet EVA. The streamlined solution for booking entertainment and experiences for virtual + live events.

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