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Top 5 Event Ideas for 2021

With virtual and hybrid events comes the opportunity to really give your attendees a unique and one of a kind experience. We’re all familiar with Zoom fatigue and how exhausting it can be to be on a video call for hours on end.

Audience engagement at your virtual or hybrid event is in the metaphorical hands of your content and entertainment. According to Bizzabo, 63% of event planners believe that tools and experiences to engage virtual attendees will play a key role in their 2021 event strategies. That’s why major companies are looking for unique entertainment to keep attendees engaged.

Finding and booking this kind of talent and experiences for all types of events is the key to making them successful (and thankfully we make it really easy for you).

1. Caricature Drawings 👩‍🎨

There is nothing like going to an event and bringing back a fun souvenir, so add that experience to your virtual or hybrid event. Watching a live caricature artist create a masterpiece with YOUR face on it is such an exciting experience.

A drumming DJ that accompanies the artist and plays popular hits that everyone can enjoy adds such a fun element to the event. The artist can create a caricature in three minutes which is just amazing to watch.

For larger events, you can book multiple artists so that everyone has an opportunity to get a caricature created. Whether your attendees are in-person, virtual, or both, this experience is a memorable one. Watch a video here to see just how neat this experience is and learn more about it here!

2. Horse Racing 🐴

Virtual horse racing is one of the most unique entertainment options out there. This experience is so interactive by allowing attendees to make (fake) bets on the horses and then sit back, relax, and enjoy watching their horse win…or lose.

The horse’s names can be customized to fit different themes (Harry Potter, food, movie characters, etc) and it adds such a fun element to the experience. Imagine everyone yelling and cheering for Dumbledore to win. Sounds fun, right? See what we mean here.

3. Team and Individual Tarot Reading 🔮

Everyone loves some positivity and encouragement to get motivated for the future. This experience does just that. This virtual tarot reading is all about human connection and helping teams (as well as individuals) reach their fullest potential…sign us up!

With these tools, you all will work together to use the energy already surrounding you to manifest a path rooted in success, passion, and inner peace. It’s perfect for team building and provides a unique experience for all attendees. Trust us, unique is what you want (learn more here)!

4. Improv Experience 🎭

An event with This Is Improv (check them out here) is guaranteed to ignite attendees to create, innovate, and find the funny. This improv experience is built to unconventionally help individuals to be heard and respected in the community, business, and life. It’s a fun and engaging entertainment option for team building, networking, and just having a good time.

The experience includes multiple fun exercises/games that every person participates in. If you want your attendees engaged and laughing, you will hit the nail on the head with this experience. Book them for your next event and thank us later.

5. Farm Animal Experience 🐮

I think most people can agree that animals are cute. There are actually studies that show that looking at pictures of cute animals can improve your focus. So why not bring that cuteness to your attendees?

This fun farm animal experience not only includes meet and greets with adorable farm animals, but also features positive messages and music from country singer Stephanie Quayle (check her out here) live from her North Carolina farm. The animals you will meet include donkeys, a calf, horses, goats, cats, and more — all named after famous country artists. Maybe you’ll meet a Dolly or a Blake!

Choosing entertainment experiences that are unique and aren’t overdone may seem small, but it makes a big difference in creating an engaging and memorable virtual event. For a successful event, you want entertainment that will inspire, be interactive, and leave attendees feeling joyful.

Set your virtual event apart from others with engaging entertainment! Book unique entertainment and experiences for your next virtual or hybrid event here or talk to an event expert.

Meet EVA. The streamlined solution for booking entertainment and experiences for virtual + live events.

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