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EVA’s Entrepreneurs: Q+A with Cameo Fucci, Owner of Allora Pasta Co.

Welcome to our new series “EVA’s Entrepreneurs”!

EVA would like to share with you the amazing entrepreneurs on our platform. As a female founded company, we want to focus on highlighting the iconic females behind some of our favorite companies.

Each of these companies are close to our hearts and they inspire us everyday! It is so important to recognize hard work when it’s due, so we offer a huge round of applause to everyone we feature here.

We encourage you to read as much as you can about these ladies, get inspired, and get to work!

xx Team EVA

Learn more about Allora Pasta Co. here

Name/title and Company name

Cameo Fucci, Chef and Owner of Allora Pasta Co.

Tell us a bit about your company

Allora Pasta Co. is a woman-owned business that builds connections and community through live and virtual pasta making workshops and wine tastings. Allora came to life in 2016 while working on a small farm in the Umbrian Hills. I lived the farm to table life of fresh produce, local ingredients, and hand made pasta. Everyday I cracked eggs, rolled dough, and learned the art of making pasta from scratch. I fell in love with the ritual and meditative quality that making fresh pasta provides. My goal with Allora is to bring that same love and calm back to all of my students while engaging them in the art and history of fresh pasta.

What is it like to be an entrepreneur in society today?

There is a lot of pressure to be perfect and to make your instagram page match beautifully and to be doing all of the things at once. I definitely let that get the best of me sometimes which honestly ends up doing more harm that good. But then I’ll have an amazing workshop with people from all over the world and someone tells me that I’ve inspired their child to cook and I’m reminded of why I do what I do. There are certainly good days and bad days when it comes to productivity but the best part of being an entrepreneur is being able to decide what you want for yourself. I decided I wanted to donate the proceeds from my classes to non-profits throughout the year so I did that. I decided I wanted to partner with a certain company for a future class, so I did that. For me, that is the biggest plus and at the end of the day if there is even one person that feels inspired from taking one of my classes or for making one of my recipes, then I can go to bed happy.

Is there a woman who has impacted your journey? Feel free to tell us a bit about them!

Sara Pezzuti and my mother.

Sara taught me how to make pasta on her farm in Citta Di Castello in Umbria and who inspired me to begin my company. I lived on their farm with them for about a month and a half and learned all I could from her and her family. She is a powerhouse. No job was too big for her. Breaking down whole pigs, lifting up bags of fresh fertilizer (horse manure) for their olive trees. The way that she and her family lived truly showed me the importance of knowing where our food comes from. She is the reason Allora is named Allora. When she was teaching me how to make pasta, her sentences always began with, “Allora…” I thought it was the most beautiful word. It is a true dedication to my time in Italy.

My mother. My mother owned a catering company when I was young so food has always been around me. I grew up in my parents kitchen and my grandparents kitchen. Big elaborate Sunday dinners beginning at 11am with some small antipasti. Both of my parents have always been supportive throughout my life but my mother is constantly the one sending me links, giving me ideas, and helping me lug my gear to farmer’s markets around the state. I can’t thank her enough for always believing in me and for consistently telling me to, “go with your bad self, girlfriend” when I had a new idea.

What is a fun fact about your company you can share?

When I first began my company in 2016, I had no idea I would make it this far! I just loved pasta and wanted to share it with my community. Everyday I wake up surprised and grateful I am able to teach groups from all over the world about the thing I love most, pasta!

What advice would you give women who want to be entrepreneurs?

Just start. If you have an idea that you want to pursue, just begin and the rest will follow. There will be struggle, there will be confusion but you’ll figure it out. Remember to surround yourself with people that lift you up. Remember to listen to those around you if they are giving you advice, but always make sure to do what feels right to you. Do the things that matter most to you. If someone wants you to do something and you don’t feel right about it but it has a high payout, don’t do it. Don’t sacrifice your integrity for money. I promise it isn’t worth it! You are your company and that’s what people love about it! Don’t lose sight of yourself.

Interested in booking a pasta workshop with Allora Pasta Co. for your next event? View their EVA profile here.

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