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Event Fails: Lessons Learned from Event Planners

How to Avoid Virtual and Hybrid Event Fails

When virtual and hybrid events became a booming industry practically overnight, there was a lot that event planners didn’t know when organizing their events. It took trial and error (and event fails) until lessons learned became best practices.

#1 — Choosing a platform before deciding your event goals.

Always decide your event goals and design the layout of the event before choosing a platform. It’s important to find a platform that meets all of your needs rather than choosing a platform and then organizing your event based on what that platform can do. This will allow you to get the most out of your event and accomplish all of your events goals.

#2 — Having an overload of presentations/sessions scheduled without time for breaks

With virtual events, attendees are looking for more of an experience. They are on their computers everyday doing work, so attending an event that has a balance between work and play is their dream come true.

#3 — Assuming your event will go off without a hitch

As we all learned in 2020…expect the unexpected. Make sure you test your platform multiple times before the event to make sure everything is running smoothly. You want you and your team to be total professionals of your event’s platform so that you know what to do when something happens.

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#4 — Not prepping your speakers, hosts, or entertainer

Make sure all of your talent is familiar with the platform you choose to host your event on. Double check that they had time to explore it or even do a walk-through with them. The last thing you need is your event host not knowing how to virtually bring someone on stage or unmute themselves. If your talent is music, you will definitely want to do a sound check. Every platform is a little different so you will want to ensure that musicians test their levels and don’t get any feedback.

#5 — Not taking advantage of basic audio and visual improvements

It doesn’t take a lot to significantly improve the quality of your audio and video. The easiest thing you can do is declutter your space or make sure you have a solid background. If you don’t have anywhere in your home that is aesthetically pleasing, use a digital background!

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