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No stage? No problem.

2020…you are really killing our vibe. We have seen more devastation (both physically and mentally) than we could have ever imagined. Those familiar with eva know our headquarters are based in Nashville. In the early hours of March 3rd, our beloved city was hit by a tornado. The destruction was and still is unreal. People lost their homes, loved ones, and jobs. Businesses were destroyed leaving no choice but to close in hopes they could rebuild. I am so fortunate and grateful that my house had no damage and we were all safe, but my heart breaks that I can’t say the same for people less than a mile away from me.

Now…here we are 4 weeks later facing another hit, only this time the whole world is a victim. As we face this pandemic head on, there is no option but to look eye to eye with its harsh reality. Every industry, business, and person is affected in one way or another. The emotions of sadness and uncertainty from so many jobs being lost and businesses being shut down is overwhelming enough. Now add how this pandemic has messed up our human lives on a day by day basis. We thrive off of hugs, eye contact, handshakes, and attending social gatherings. We are now forced to learn how to manage without any of these social interactions.

Tennessee Performing Arts Center in Downtown Nashville

Working in the event and entertainment industry, I’ve seen first hand how so many people have been impacted by this pandemic. All events have been postponed and some have been cancelled. Everything has been put on hold, whether or not we were ready for it. Entertainers and all of their support system (tech, AV, etc.) have lost their income. Unfortunately, the hit on these two industries haven’t just had an effect on the people who work in them. It’s also affected their audience.

Now more than ever, music’s value is so important. Music is a universal language that exudes feelings and emotions of joy, sorrow, despair, and HOPE! It is helping us get through these long days by giving us hope, happiness, and normalcy. As our beloved musicians are facing all kinds of battles, they haven’t slowed down a bit. These past few weeks my heart has been warmed seeing how artists, bands, and entertainers have risen to the occasion. They are using this time to not only connect with themselves, but also with their fans and other entertainers. We now have more access than ever to our favorite artists and artists we didn’t even know were out there. It has been amazing seeing so many entertainers using their creativity to interact with others through social media. It brings so much hope to the world in a time of such uncertainty. They are bringing us into their homes and personal lives, leaving us to appreciate them more than ever. When the storm calms, people will be ravenous for live entertainment, both the big-name acts and the up-and-coming acts!

Our team was so inspired with how the music community is handling itself that we created an Instagram daily challenge for artists called #NoStageNoProblem. We want to use this challenge to highlight the talent and passion that is the driving force of entertainers. It concentrates the focus on the entertainer and away from the stage. It helps to encourage entertainers to find the good in each and every situation, to be creative, and strive to stay positive. As ironic as it may sound, this new virtual music experience we are witnessing is creating an intensely more personal connection. I believe this experience will fuel that same feeling at live events and create an even more amazing atmosphere. People will always seek the thrill of live entertainment, but for now we are grateful for amazing technology that allows the music to continue. No stage? No problem.

With love,

Lennon + eva

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