The How, What, and Why of Vetted Entertainment

2 min readMay 20, 2020

If you know eva, you know we love the word vetted. It’s what we have prided ourselves on since the very beginning of our company’s journey. Our vetted entertainment is what makes our roster unique and trustworthy to our clients. Check out our official definition for “vetted” below.

Vetted: The entertainers who made the cut through our evaluation process. They exceed expectations in performance, on stage charisma, and fast paced versatility. They have experience performing in front of crowds and private events.

We value our entertainers and clients which makes the vetting process that much more important. We sometimes like to compare ourselves to a dating website (just wait…it will make sense I promise). If the entertainer’s profile isn’t up to par and doesn’t meet our clients’ criteria, there will be no matches. That’s why we take extra steps to make sure each entertainer on our platform has the capability to find their perfect match!

Our vetting process begins as soon as an entertainer submits their profile. We begin checking to see how the entertainer aligns with the specific criteria we have set.

First, we check to make sure they have high quality live video content. This is EXTREMELY important because without live video content, event planners don’t know who they are booking. No one is interested in a blind date on our platform.

Second, we use the live videos to evaluate how the entertainer’s skills align with the components of their specific genre. This is where an entertainer’s talent truly shines. We not only assess their performance, but also their professionalism, on-stage charisma, and versatility. These two aspects are very important, especially in a corporate setting.

Finally, we evaluate their experience as a performer as well as their familiarity performing for corporate/private events. We check to make sure the entertainer has numerous live shows under their belt and understands how to perform well in front of both large and small audiences. We will then talk with the entertainer about their knowledge in corporate, private, and virtual event settings. If they don’t have much experience in those environments, we provide them with education on what those performance types look like. We want each entertainer to be as prepared and knowledgeable as possible for the events they book through eva.

The vetting process guarantees that our clients can be confident in the quality of their booked entertainment. We want every planner to find their perfect entertainment match on our platform. We take multiple steps to ensure each act on our platform is more than capable of providing a high quality performance for all event types. We may not actually be a dating website, but we definitely do feel like matchmakers.


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