Virtual Event Success Story: Q+A w/ Karly Field, CMO at NXTsoft

As more and more companies are making the move to virtual events, it’s important to hear from companies who have had great success virtually. Whether it’s your first virtual event or not, it’s always valuable to learn from others especially since going virtual is still so new for many companies.

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EVA had the opportunity to work with NXTsoft to help them find the perfect engaging entertainment and keynote for their first ever user conference. With this also being their first virtual conference, they did their research and prepared immensely to make sure it went off without a hitch. Not only did it go smoothly, it was more of a success than they expected!

Below you can hear from NXTsoft’s CMO, Karly Field, as she goes into more detail about their virtual event.

EVA: What virtual platform did you use?

Karly: After much research, we used to facilitate our virtual conference.

EVA: All in all, how did your virtual event go?

Karly: NXTsoft’s What’s NXT 2020 conference went great. We were very pleased, especially since it was our first time. We had good attendance and engagement and no technical difficulties, which is always a plus.

EVA: What was your company’s goal(s) for the event?

Karly: We wanted to provide educational opportunities for our customers, update them on what was going on with NXTsoft and provide some of our valued partners with an opportunity to showcase their industry knowledge and solutions.

EVA: How did you make your event more engaging?

Karly: We used a magician/mind-hacker who we booked through EVA to kick off our event. It was something different than your standard conference fare and even gave some of our customers an opportunity to participate on screen. Additionally, we had short quizzes at the end of each session through Whoever answered the fastest and with the most accuracy, won a prize that we shipped to them after the event.

EVA: What do you think was the most important aspect of your virtual event?

Karly: My team worked tirelessly doing audio and video testing with our 33 presenters and educating them on how to use the virtual platform. As a result, day of everyone was comfortable with what they were doing, and we didn’t have any AV snafus. We also had a color-coded calendar with people on our team assigned to introduce each session, monitor the chat, and facilitate the quiz so that the speaker could just focus on presenting.

EVA: What is your #1 piece of advice for company’s planning a virtual event?

Karly: Practice, practice, practice. We had multiple mock sessions where my team ran through the event to ensure everyone understood how all aspects of the platform worked and could facilitate smooth transitions between each session.

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