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Unique Event Experiences For 2021

Wow…2020 was tough.

Our company was built on live events so when COVID-19 hit…we had to change everything. Live entertainers also had to regroup and figure out how they were going to create an interactive experience through their cameras.

For the past year, we’ve worked with countless event planners to put on great events with amazing virtual entertainment. It is so important to create an event that everyone can enjoy.

Check out a couple of our favorite events to help inspire your next in-person, hybrid or virtual event.

1. Spark Travel Pack: Nashville

We loved working with Spark By Design to curate a Nashville themed experience for one of their travel packs. Spark Travel Packs highlight amazing destinations all over the world that your team or clients can experience virtually.

This can be a great hybrid add on for virtual attendees if they can’t actually attend your event in person- they can still experience the host city in a memorable way.

Here are the Nashville themed experiences we designed for this event:

Nashville’s #1 Awarded Hot Chicken Team shows you how to cook their sought after delights. You get the ingredients sent to your home and enjoy a cooking class led by the team!

The good thing about Nashville is good music is everywhere. On a budget? Book an up and coming act that will blow you away. Have flexibility? Consider booking a top tier performer like Stephanie Quayle.

Learn to make some signature drinks that are considered Nashville favorites! Our expert mixologist will make you feel like a pro.

Step up your game with some branded apparel such as: T-shirts, Nashville Hats, Bandana, Leather Coozies, made with love and shipped right to your door. These branded goodie boxes are amazing and can include anything you decide! They are locally sourced from a female led company in Nashville, TN. You are able to customize anything and everything!

2. Sessions To Inspire

Want to inspire your virtual or in-house team? Adding a weekly or bi monthly Session To Inspire can increase productivity. These don’t have to be big, daunting events, these sessions are easier to create than other larger scales.

Two of our most popular Sessions to Inspire include:

  • Game Night: Switchboard games is a group of fun individuals who are professionals at hosting virtual games…talk about a dream job! They focus on connecting the group together using paper and pen rather than using technology to keep everyone engaged. Our team booked a 20min session and we can definitely say, we were in a great mood the rest of the day. Watch a video here to see what we mean and learn more about this experience here.
  • Music Mashup: It’s always fun when you request a song and the musician can play it, but it’s even more fun when that musician can mash a list of requests into one song. Carl Wockner is not only extremely talented but also one of our most booked entertainers and a Nashville icon.

3. Top Tier Talent

Really want to impress your event attendees? Book a performance and Q+A with a well known entertainer! We recently booked Amos Lee for an event and it was such a special experience. Every person felt as if they were in the same room as him. He took requests from the group and told personal stories that you wouldn’t have heard anywhere else. That’s something your attendees will remember forever.

Create a memorable + engaging virtual event with quality entertainment! Book unique entertainment and experiences for your next virtual event here or talk to an event expert.

Meet EVA. The streamlined solution for booking entertainment and experiences for virtual + live events.

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